Friends of Salt Creek (FoSC) was founded in July 2019 to protect and advocate for an undervalued waterway. The group was officially registered as a Florida non-profit corporation in August 2020.

The story of FoSC is one of fiction creating truth. This website (the “Friends”) was first assembled by students at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. The goal of the academic exercise was to explore the streams feeding Bayboro Harbor, by the USFSP campus. Students traveled along the path and into past of Salt Creek, as it cut from Bayboro Harbor to Bartlett Park, through the Harbordale Neighborhood, into Lake Maggiore and beyond. Many student reflections are recorded in the Salt Creek Journal; the creek’s rich history is also fleshed out in this site’s Timeline. Our writing and research, along with work by community authors, was assembled into a student-edited collection, Salt Creek Journal. Now this literary exercise is an actual, incorporated group!

FoSC will reconvene in late Summer-early Fall 2020, when we will continue to explore, advocate for, and champion the creek.

Mission Statement: Friends of Salt Creek celebrates the natural and human qualities of Salt Creek, which runs from Bayboro Harbor (off Tampa Bay) to Lake Maggiore and beyond, through the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. We monitor and protect this resource, advocate, and follow the stream as a model of unity and engagement, representing the full diversity of communities through which it flows.

4th Street Bridge, courtesy Robin Shwedo