This website was put together by students at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. We unearth the history of the two waterways that feed the harbor by our campus, Salt and Booker Creeks.

Salt Creek connects to Lake Maggiore, cutting a diagonal path through the south side of St. Petersburg. Some older city maps even show Salt Creek connecting to Clam Bayou in Gulfport. Booker Creek runs through the Roser Park neighborhood and Campbell Park, past Tropicana Field, and culverts under Central Avenue all the way to Booker Creek Park.

This site explores the history of these creeks, their importance to the city, and why they lay forgotten. In the Journal, different classes from over the years reflect upon their explorations.

We ask you to look around the city and think about the intersections between the built and natural world. What happens when you alter nature? When does a creek become a ditch? What are the consequences? For many of us, these questions can be answered by exploring Salt and Booker Creeks.

This website seeks to bring awareness to forgotten landscapes in the heart of the Sunshine City.