Ashley Bassett, a junior at USFSP, took part in organizing the Kick-Off to Earth Day Event where the class and community took part in a Salt Creek clean-up and implemented a new kayak-drop. Her favorite stop along Salt Creek is Thrill Hill.

Jennifer Beltran, a graduate student at USFSP working on a master’s in environmental science and policy. She researches bats at Fort Desoto Park for her thesis. She was more than happy to contribute to the Salt Creek project by conducting bat surveys at Lake Maggiore and Dell Homes Park.

Wendy Joan Biddlecombe is a graduate journalism student at USFSP. She thinks Salt Creek is a great place to find stories.

Chris Campbell, a master of liberal arts graduate student who is studying filmmaking and media studies.  He enjoys watching nature documentaries and taking photos and hopes to continue making documentary films after graduation about our interactions with nature.

Summer Carnley, soon-to-be graduate of USFSP and Water Whisperer.

Katie Classick, a graduate student in the English Education program at USF St. Pete. After completing her BA in English Literature at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, she worked and travelled throughout Asia and Africa before settling in Downtown St. Petersburg. She hopes to help develop literacy programs for underprivileged countries and continue travelling upon obtaining her Masters.

Rick Davidson, presently working on his Master’s degree in English Education at USF.  He originally hails from the backwoods of Sumter County and is purported to be distantly related to the fabled Skunk Ape.

Chistrian Delgado is a senior at USFSP. She eats a concerning amount of vegetables and lives life intensely.

Emily de la Paz is pursuing a degree in Literature and Cultural Studies with a minor in Art History.

Maribel Giusto is a soon-to-be graduate at USFSP with a degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies. She loves photography and make-up artistry, but you can often find her with her nose in a book.

Sarah Hierl is a soon-to-be graduate at USFSP with a degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies. She was born in a small fishing village called Belfast, Maine and can eat a pint of blueberries in five minutes flat.

Andy Fairbanks, a graduate student in the Florida Studies Program at USF Petersburg.  Previously, Andy was Pinellas Count’s recycling coordinator, studied at University of North Florida, and was a sailing instructor in his hometown of Jensen Beach, Florida.

James Fleeting, a native Scotsman sweating it out in Florida. He’s a USF Grad, now a student at Stetson Law School.

Sean Francis, a philosophy major at USF, and has taken classes at the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota campuses. He is the singer in Salty Sean and the Crab-Wranglers, Salt Creek’s official band. He hopes to pursue a career in voice-acting.

Sally Gage, a graduate student the MLA program at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  She is an anthropologist, cryptozoologist and paranormal enthusiast that specializes in anthropomorphic canids … in other words … she studies werewolves.

Jaclyn Gatz, English major at USFSP, loves red wine and salt water.

Hannah Gorski is pursuing her MLA degree from the University of South Florida – St. Petersburg. She received her BA in English from Flagler College.

Thomas Hallock, Associate Professor of English at USFSP, lives in the Old Southeast neighborhood of St. Petersburg, not far from Salt Creek. “Friends of Salt Creek” emerged from his nature writing courses, which he plans to teach for the next twenty years.

Alison Hardage is a St. Petersburg native and currently enrolled in the Florida Studies Program at USFSP.

Heather Henson, USFSP English major from Ohio, thinks that Salt Creek is great place to find inspiration to write about nature.

Elise Hummel is a senior at USFSP pursuing a degree in Literature and Cultural Studies.

Brent Jowers is a graduate student in the Florida Studies Program at USFSP.

Jasmine Larson  Senior at USFSP pursuing a degree in Literature!

Hailee Leonor, senior at USFSP. Pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in literature and cultural studies.

Karen Lucibello, a graduate student in the Florida Studies Program, says she was ” happy that USFSP and Prof. Hallock gave us the opportunity to get to know Salt Creek a gem in South St. Pete. ”

Meaghan McGovern, a junior at USFSP pursuing a degree in Literature and Cultural Studies.

Samantha McHugh, a graduate student in the Florida Studies program at USF St. Pete. She works in downtown St. Petersburg in Sales and Marketing. Samantha enjoys everything Florida has to offer. She can be found reading on the local beaches, cheering on the Rays, or just admiring a perfect sunset.

Victoria Mello, a senior at USFSP studying Literature and Cultural Studies.

Abagail Mills, graduate student in the English Education program with a concentration in Writing, is an adjunct professor of Reading and ESL  at St. Petersburg College, a watercolorist and a professional actress.

Laura Mulrooney majored in Literature at USFSP. Her contribution to the Friends of Salt Creek project was her exhaustive research on the Salt Creek timeline.

Brandi Murphy, an Environmental Science and Policy major at USFSP, admits that water just isn’t her element.  In her studies, she has learned that life, like the water cycle, goes full circle. Brandi is an advocate of sustainability in urban ecology and hopes to stay involved with Salt Creek awareness efforts.

Brandy Nichols, a junior at USFSP and English major, has explored Salt Creek unwillingly. Had it not been the fact that a grade was involved, she would not have been there. Salt Creek quickly ignited new found fears that have now been conquered.

Sarah Nunnally, senior at USFSP in the Literature and Cultural Studies program loves nature but hates being outside.

Dave Pacetti studied Environmental Sciences at USFSP and is now pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering.

Sydney Perez  is a senior at USFSP majoring in English with a concentration in literature.

Arlene Pickard just moved to St. Petersburg from San Francisco. She is a senior and a Junior at USFSP and has been ‘saving’ the environment forever. Studying nature writing with Dr. Hallock has been a great way to learn how to share experiences.

Brennen Pickett, a senior at USFSP pursuing a degree in Writing Studies, lives in Clearwater, and has previous work published in Thread Literary Inquiry.

Doug Ponticos, a graduate student in the Florida Studies Program. He grew up in the coastal scrubs near Homosassa collecting and playing with gopher tortoises.  Now he is a fruit explorer and plans to plant an olive grove near San Antonio, Fla.

Ariel Ringo, senior at USFSP, pursuing a degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies with a creative writing certificate.

Taylor Russell is a junior at USFSP, studying English Literature and Cultural Studies. She has spent her entire life in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County and has enjoyed rediscovering the area.

Michael Sadler is an English teacher at Osceola Fundamental High School and graduate student in the English Education Program at USFSP and majored in Literature for his undergraduate degree. He is also a contributor at

Patricia Seffrin, a student returning to college for a degree in Professional and Technical Writing at USF St. Pete. Her interest in writing began in 1972 while studying English Literature in Loughborough, England for a year. She is an R.N. and is married with 4 college age children.

Robin Shwedo has had numerous interesting jobs in her lifetime, including working as a firefighter and cab driver.  She is planning to earn her Master’s degree in 2012, while producing video and photo documentaries.  She is also a writer, painter, and rabblerouser, and shares her house with her two younger sons (of four adult kids), while being owned by two cats (Karma and Drexies Calabash).

Michelle Sonnenberg is pursuing her MLA at USFSP examining human-nature relationships.  Her BA is in Geography and GIS applications.

John Stewart is a graduate student in the Florida Studies Program at USFSP.

Kaitlyn Stone, sophomore at USF St. Petersburg, is now pursuing graduate work at U Nevada Reno.  She studied Nature Writing for one semester with Dr. Hallock and plans to continue writing about nature and environmental topics in her further studies.

Hugh Tulloch, a Senior Auditor for Nature Writing and other classes.  He is a retired Naval Reserve Captain who had a second career in international sales of aerospace and defense equipment. Hugh is currently a volunteer tutor in adult literacy at Tomlinson Adult Learning Center and a Director of the Downtown Residents Civic Association. He lives with his wife, Keith, in downtown St. Petersburg.

Eric Vaughan, graduate student in the MLA program at USFSP. He is a New York native who was recently married at the Museum of Fine Arts. He resides in St. Petersburg with his husband.

Resie Waechter, a St. Pete native and English major at USFSP.  Resie lives in the Roser Park area with her wife and two dogs.  She is an aspiring wino with a passion for literature.