A creek, by definition, is a waterway that winds down into a marsh. But it is so much more than what meets the eye. A creek is a home; a home to fish, insects, snakes, and birds. When I think of a creek, I think about how it sounds. Water trickling over rocks and brush trying to find its place in the world. I hear the hum of the insects that thrive off it’s marshland. I can smell that boggy wetland smell that reminds me of home. I feel my feet sinking into the ground beneath the moving water and I wonder where this will take me. Although the creek is connected to a larger river, the creek itself is all its own. The creek is hidden from the route of the river and gives privacy to all that live there. It’s like a private community; quiet and reserved on the outside, bustling and wild on the inside. It’s like finding the secret door to a club you’ve been trying to get into for weeks; exclusive and exciting. Kayaking Salt Creek by USFSP this semester showed me how a creek will go anywhere it can, underneath thickets and bridges just to find it’s forever home, a ditch.